I use design to build and break systems and processes with extensive research, cultural decoding, and the semiotics of design to make inclusive, embedded, strategic, and impassioned design decisions that directly address, deconstruct, and challenge societal issues - always considering the personal, political, and social perspectives of design.

From design direction to design management, I manage fluid work groups and design strategies, coordinate design efforts across multi-disciplinary teams, and empower inclusive design desicions at every level – making more impactful design decisions and building happier teams.

I hold a masters in Social Innovation, Service Design, and Design Leadership from Ravensbourne University and an undergrad in Design (with a focus on Media) from Parsons School of Design at the New School.


Leading and building multidisciplinary and inclusive design teams

Research, decoding, semiotics, and strategy

Hosting and organising workshops around research and strategy development, UI/UX exploration, and design education

Background in design management and service design

Breaking and building design systems




Design(ing media related things)

Frame-by-frame animation

Very recreational coding


You can easily find me in a movie theatre, at karaoke, or traveling. I am currently focusing illustrating a full tarot deck.